Connecting to ssh.fimm.fi


You can use the traditional text terminal (SSH) connection with FIMM Linux Cluster, This connection is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. The connection is secured/encrypted. It requires a free add on program called an SSH Terminal Client to be installed on your computer. There is a large variety of such programs in existence. This page provides links to instructions how to get connected to FIMM Linux cluster from your own computer by using some of these programs. Following links give detailed information on how to do this in different operating systems.

Please, notice that while it's ofeten necessary to test and debug commands and sripts on the login node (ssh.fimm.fi), you must submit your jobs to the cluster, so that the login node always has resources available and stays responsive. We do reserve the right to kill without preceding notice any processes using either memory, cpu or time extensively on the ssh.fimm.fi.


You can use any SSH terminal application, the instructions below are for PuTTY (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html). Download it, install it, and run it.

  • In the configuration screen, use host name ssh.fimm.fi or atlas.fimm.fi, make sure that port is set to 22, and conntetion type is ssh.
  • Then click Open.
  • In the Security Alert dialog, click Yes
  • A terminal window opens asking for your login and password.

Linux and OSX

Open terminal, and type

ssh <login>@ssh.fimm.fi or ssh <login>@atlas.fimm.fi


GUI session

In case your not comfortable with command line interface (cli), we're running neatx developed by Google for graphical user interface (gui) sessions.  Compared to cli it's slow, uses much more resources on both ends and is prone to corruption in case of network issues. Or if somebody else causes ssh.fimm.fi to overload and/por reboot.

If you still insist, you have to

  • download a client for your operating system from http://www.nomachine.com
  • install the client
  • start the client
  • in the Connection Wizard Sessison screen, set host to ssh.fimm.fi and port to 22
  • (and type of connections to the best your bandwidth can handle)
  • in Desktop screen, choose either KDE or Gnome.
  • If you don't know which, use the cli, ok?
  • click Finish
  • NX will ask your login and password
  • and open a graphical connection

NOTICE: when ending the session, you can either terminate or suspend it. In priciple, with suspend the neatx will store the state of your sessions and restore it once you reconnect, but sometimes the stored session is corrupted and neatx refuses to create any connection between the server and the client because it's trying to load the corrupted session, which fails. When that happens, you must log in via ssh and run clearnx.sh command to clear your sessions.

NOTICE: if and when you do need leave a process running, and for some reason you can't or won't use the cluster, we advice you to use screen tool and command line. That way the thing your doing is detached from the actual terminal your originally running it from, so in case of connection issues the process remains alive, and you can leter reconnect to it. Even from different computer, even form different continent!

Last updated: 07.06.2018 - 11:46