Information Technology Services

Computational services and resources currently available at FIMM include disk space, analysis cluster, local mirrors of public databases, database servers, webserver hosting and more.

With each user account comes an initial home directory and access to a group folder for easier sharing of files within a research group. When the arises, a uses can create collaboration folders,  databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL), request systemwide apllication installations or install an application to home directory, request a complete virtual server etc.

We make a good effort to keep files in home, group and collaboration folder backed up regularly, and guarded against corruption or storage device failures, but nevertheless our disks are not meant for the actual storage of user's valuable data. We also try to keep everything as secure as possible, but the current cluster is a shared environment so no sensitive and identifiable data should be analysed there at any time. On request we may temporarily provide limited access nodes.

Last updated: 23.04.2014 - 16:11