Metabolome is the end point in the central dogma thus it gives a direct readout of any cellular phenotype; a gateway to personalized medicine. FIMM Metabolomics Unit was launched in 2011; lab set up, method development and validation for high-throughput targeted quantitative metabolomics has been started and continued until 2012. From 2013 onwards our Unit was fully up and running providing services to both national and international academic research groups. We have upgraded to Metabolomics/Lipidomics/Fluxomics Unit in 2017.

We offer high quality services using state-of-the-art technologies, standardised laboratory protocols, quality controls (every 5th run is a blank and every 10th run is our quality control sample), randomisation procedures at both sample extraction and anaysis stages, and maintain documentation using electronic lab notebook. We can analyse hundreds of metabolites and 1000 lipids from many different biological classes (please check our "Services" page for a complete list of metabolites). An in-house database has been created for these metabolites by retrieving all the available information from different databases e.g., KEGG, PUBCHEM, HMDB, METLIN etc.

Our services and technologies can be applied to research projects in many ways and we will work with you to fit them to your needs. For instance in research collaboration projects, we can help in experimental design, sample collection, quenching protocols, storage and delivery, sample analyses, data processing, quality controls, statistical analyses of the results, documentation, and participating in publications. 

For more details and list of metabolites, polease go to "Services" page on right side. If you would like to utilise our services, please go to "Instructions" page to get started.

An example of targeted metabolomics work flow is shown below.


Teaching and Training

  • We have been teaching "Bio-medical Applications of Metabolomics" since 2012 at various national Universities.
  • We have been organising hands-on workshops since 2014 to Masters, Medical and Ph.D students with the support of TRANSMED international Masters program, and DPBM, KLTO and DocPop graduate schools.
  • Student's feedback have been around 4.7/5. 
  • We are part of The European Metabolomics Training Coordination Group


Press Releases

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