Sequencing Unit


Next Generation Sequencing Services

We have set up workflows for DNA and RNA analysis experiments using NGS. The solutions include whole genome sequencing (WGS), exome sequencing, transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq), targeted gene panels and detection of low abundance somatic mutations using custom amplicon sequencing. We have also developed bioinformatic pipelines for analysing the data from NGS experiments. See more of..

  •     Library preparation
  •     Target enrichment
  •     Sequencing
  •     Primary sequence analysis
  •     Result storage


Capillary Sequencing Services

Classical capillary sequencing services: rapid and robust service since 2003 using ABI3730xl DNA Analyzer.
  • Full service sequencing
  • Ready-to-run sequencing
  • Fragment Analysis
Our service and project collaboration involves project planning, laboratory analysis, quality control, and sequencing analysis.


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