Capillary sequencing services

FIMM Technology Centre's SeqLab provides DNA sequencing services for scientific community in Finland. In addition to DNA sequencing small to medium scale fragment analysis service is also available. Sequencing system used is Applied Biosystems ABI3730XL DNA Analyzer.

How to get started?

Apply for a FIMM account. In the application tic the box "Molecular Medicine Sequencing Laboratory Services". You can find the application here (note: you need to accept security certificate)

SeqLab stores all sequencing and fragment analysis results to FIMM servers. Therefore SeqLab customers are obliged to get their personal FIMM accounts for accessing the results.

Your personal FIMM account number is also your customer number in SeqLab. Your customer number is shown in SequencingBrowser which is the software designed to deliver your sequencing results straight to your own computer. How to sign in to  Sequencing Browser?

FIMM account is a personal, free of charge user account for FIMM Technology Centre servers.

If you have problems with your account, please contact our IT personnel fimm-it(at)helsinki.fi


Current price list is available from SeqLab staff.

Mailing list

Do you want to be notified about downtimes etc.? Join our mailing list; send text "subscribe fimmseqlab-info" to majordomo(at)helsinki.fi.


During Christmas time Seqlab is closed on Wednesday 27.12.2017

Remote Desktop connection down. Our IT people are trying to solve the problem.

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