Deliver samples

Deliver properly sealed samples to SeqLab's sample fridge (room F215or straight to SeqLab BM2, 2nd floor).

If you send samples by mail please print following address in your envelope:


FIMM Sequencing laboratory

Biomedicum 2U

Room F215, 2nd floor

Tukholmankatu 8



Please bring your samples and send sample submission form before 10:00 in the morning if possible. If samples are delivered in time, we will most likely start to process them on the same day.

SeqLab sample fridge, Biomedicum 2U, room F216a

In the sample fridge there are three clearly marked boxes, one for each service type:

  • Full Service Box
  • Ready-to-Run Box
  • Fragment Analysis Run Box

Delivery options:

96-well plates, V-bottom (recommended, Fragment Analysis always):
Place plates into sample fridge.

When using strip caps, please avoid individual tubes.
Place strips in a strip holder in the same order as in the sample submission form (strip holders provided by SeqLab, next to sample fridge). Please mark the strips for example A1,B1,C1 and pipetting direction. Place strips into the sample fridge.

Individual tubes:
Use these only if it´s impossible to use strips or plates!!!
Max 16 samples, please use strips or plates if more.

Mark your samples clearly:
Mark your 96-well plates / strips / tube box with a sample sticker. Sample stickers are available next to SeqLab sample fridge or print your own sheet of stickers. Fill in the following information on the sticker:

Download & Print A4 sticker sheet here (.pdf) (2 x 8 stickers)

Please use the same information in the Sample Submission form and attached sample file name.
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