Evaluate results

It is recommended to review the quality of your sequencing chromatograms before you use the plain text sequences.
Some sequence chromatogram viewers and analysis software is listed in "Software Links" section.

SequenceScanner v1.0 (Applied Biosystems) enables you to quickly view, edit, print and export sequence data generated using the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers. The software helps you to:

  • Review all traces in thumbnail format and sort them by trace quality.
  • View simultaneously the analyzed and raw trace data for a single trace.
  • Spot sample failures with reports such as the Plate Report.
  • Export traces into commonly used presentation formats (.jpeg, pdf).

Free Sequence Scanner v1.0 download from ABI website.

SequenceScanner quick help

  • Download and install SequenceScanner
  • Start SequenceScanner
  • Select "File - Import traces"
  • Select the folder containing chromatograms - click "OK"
  • All chromatograms within the selected folder are opened
    - For example select "View - Thumbnails" to see miniature raw data profiles
    - Double-click on any sequence - a chromatogram window opens
  •     Select "View - Reports" from the menus - Reports section opens.
    - Browse through reports - print or export to Excel if needed.
    - For example "Plate report" gives you quick overview of the location of your samples on the plate and how well reactions succeeded.
  • See ABI product bulletin for Sequence Scanner

Some screenshots from SequenceScanner:



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