NGS Services

Our NGS service portfolio covers the full sequencing process from study design to primary sequence analysis. We have developed  NGS workflows for a large variety of experiments for both DNA and RNA samples. Cost effective sequencing experiments are enabled through libraries with powerful indexing scheme (molecular barcodes). Currently our dual-indexing protocol supports several hundreds of individual libraries in a single sequencing lane. High multiplexing levels enable cost efficient sequencing experiments.

Library preparation

  • All libraries are for indexed paired-end sequencing (single or dual indexing depending on the application)
  • Genomic DNA library preparation
  • RNA library preparation (transcriptomes, small RNA, ncRNA, indexed, paired-end)
  • Amplicon library setup

Target enrichment

  • Exome enrichment (multiple methods)
  • Custom target enrichment (multiple methods)
  • Disease specific panels (custom or commercial)
  • mitochondrial DNA enrichment (MDA/RCA or PCR)
  • Custom PCR Amplicon setup for ultra deep-sequencing


  • HiSeq HT run mode: up to 2x125 nt paired end reads
  • HiSeq Rapid run mode: up to 2x150nt paired end reads
  • MiSeq runs:  up to 300 nt paired-end reads
  • Detailed run specifications available from laboratory staff



Together with the bioinformatics team we have developed following NGS analysis pipelines to facilitate your research:
VCP: Variant Calling Pipeline for analyzing re-seqeuncing experiments.
RNA-seq pipeline: transcriptome analysis, small RNA and non-coding RNA analysis.
Amplicon pipeline: for highly sensitive mutation detection of ultra-deep sequencing experiments.

How to get started

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