Sequencing options

FIMM Tech Centre NGS sequencing is based on Illumina's sequencing-by-

synthesis technology (HiSeq and MiSeq platfroms). This massively parallel sequencing technology allows clonal sequencing of single-read and paired-end libraries. Adjusting the sequencing need and yield for any library type is based on allocating an appropriate fraction of lane capacity to a indexed library or multiple indexed libraries. Illumina compatible sequencing libraries with different library identifiers (index, molecular barcodes)  can be pooled together in lanes of the flow cell to fully utilize the sequencing capacity. Sequencing yield of a lane is heavily dependent on accurate DNA quantitation and thus prone to some fluctuation.  Table below lists most common LANE configurations:

The availability of above lanes require full flow cell (run) of libraries compatible for same configuration. Lane types shown as bold are most common and are usually readily available.

Customer delivers

  • Any Illumina-compatible library from our service catalogue
  • Ready-made libraries provided by user
    - at least 5 nM dilution of Illumina compatible library (single-read or paired-end).
    - Compatible size distribution with selected read length.

Sequencing unit delivers:

  • Quantitation and size distribution analysi of the library
    - Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer or Caliper LabChip GX
  • Illumina sequencing
    - Cluster Generation
    - Sequencing run according to Illumina protocols
  • Data analysis
    - Run QC
    - Basecalling and demultiplexing
    - Sequencing yield QC for each library
Last updated: 25.04.2014 - 15:21