Software Tools

VKP Virtual kinome profiler for systematic prioritization of potent compound-kinase activities.

DTC Crowd-sourcing platform to improve the consensus and use of compound-target interactions.

DTP Interactive web-application for drug-target interaction network visualization and analysis.

DSS Model-based quantitative scoring of drug sensitivity in cancer cell lines and patient-derived cells.

TAS Network-based deconvolution of target addiction signals from functional drug response profiles.

STP Interactive web-tool for integrated profiling of drug combination synergy, toxicity and efficacy.

SynergyFinder Interactive web-tool for synergy scoring in drug combination matrix experiments.

DECREASE Cost-effective prediction of combinatorial dose-response matrices with limited measurements.

Breeze Cloud-based interactive web-tool for drug sensitivity data analytics and visualization.

C-SPADE Web-tool for interactive analysis and visualization of compound screening experiments.

PatientNet Interactive web-application for visualization of patient-customized vulnerability networks.

ComboPred Prediction of patient-customized drug combinations with single-drug responses and molecular profiles.

TIMMA Prediction of multi-targeted drug combinations in cancer cell lines and patient-derived cells.

PhosFox Peptide-level comparison of phosphoprotein and -peptide changes in case-control settings.

Hamlet Statistical toolbox for improving the design and analysis of pre-clinical animal studies.

MANILA Interactive web-tool for matched design and analysis of pre-clinical animal studies. 

ScType Fully-automated cell-type identification with specific markers extracted from scRNA-seq data. 

ePCR Ensemble penalized Cox regression for survival prediction in clinical trial and real-world cohorts.

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