Software Tools

MVLR: Bayesian multi-view multi-task linear regression model for drug sensitivity prediction.

DSS : Model-based scoring of drug sensitivity in cancer cell line models and patient-derived cells.

TAS : Network-based deconvolution of target addiction signals from drug response readouts.

ZIP : Zero interaction potency model for synergy scoring in drug combination experiments.

TIMMA : Prediction of multi-targeted drug combinations in cancer cell lines or patient-derived cells.

ROTS : Reproducibility-optimized ranking of genes, proteins or binding sites in two-group comparisons.

PhosFox : Peptide-level comparison of phosphoprotein and -peptide changes in case-control settings.

Hamlet : Statistical toolbox to improve the design and analysis of pre-clinical animal studies.

MANILA : Interactive web-tool for matched design and analysis of pre-clinical animal studies. 

SynergyFinder : Interactive web-tool for synergy scoring in drug combination matrix experiments.

C-SPADE : web-tool for interactive analysis and visualization of drug screening experiments.

Breeze :Cloud-based interactive web-tool for drug sensitivity data analysis and visualization.

Last updated: 25.08.2017 - 17:25