Research Training at FIMM

FIMM is dedicated to developing, enriching, and promoting the careers of researchers. Together, our research groups, Technology Centre, and Biobank host approximately 80 PhD student and postdoctoral researchers and 20 senior researchers. Our research and technology groups, team-oriented approaches, and state-of-the-art technologies provide unique and rich research experiences in molecular and translational medicine. Furthermore, our links to research and training networks, such as the Nordic EMBL Partnership and EU-LIFE, provide our researchers with numerous opportunities for expanding research competencies, building collaborations, and advancing careers.  

Through our doctoral training initiatives and collaborations, PhD students gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to propel them forward in their research careers as well as explore various future career options both within and outside of the research arena. Postdoctoral and senior researchers at FIMM gain independence in research and develop advanced practical skills such as project and team management, and fine-tune their career path. FIMMPOD, our postdoctoral and senior researcher development program encourages and facilitates mentoring, advances career development through workshops and exposure, provides networking and social events, and eases the path of recruitment. FIMM’s PhD Student and Postdoc Council is a self-managed body offering scientific, social, and mentoring events for the community. Finally, our researchers and technology units offer courses, workshops, and symposia in an array of areas. We welcome you to explore and learn about the rich training environment at FIMM.

FIMM Research Training and FIMMPOD Coordinators are actively seeking internship opportunities in industry for FIMM researchers, for example in pharmaceutical companies. FIMM masters and doctoral students as well as postdoctoral and senior researchers can express their interest in potential internships via an eform and industry representatives interested in hosting a FIMM intern can contact the FIMM research training or FIMMPOD coordinator directly.

Download the FIMM research training brochure and learn more.

Last updated: 12.09.2018 - 11:34