FIMM PhD Student and Postdoc Activities

The vibrant research community at FIMM is a direct result of the high level of engagement of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in a variety of activities. 

Started in 2012, the FIMM Student and Postdoc Council is an institute-level body that provides the PhD student and postdoc communities of FIMM with an umbrella structure under which to plan and coordinate events, a strong collective voice at the institute, and greater visibility, especially for research projects. 

The FIMM THINK DIFFERENT Seminars Series grew out of an interest of a dedicated group of doctoral students at FIMM.  For the series, researchers working on exciting new ideas are invited once a month to give a talk and encourage listeners to “think different”.

Although formal training is available in many scientific and transferrable skills areas during the doctoral studies, some soft skills are simply better developed through experience.  Peer mentoring in this area is a particularly powerful way to learn and practice.  Three dedicated PhD students at FIMM organize peer mentoring sessions in soft skills several times a year.  

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Last updated: 09.04.2016 - 13:41