Doctoral Training at FIMM

At FIMM, our 65 PhD students play a highly important role in our research community.  With approximately equal numbers of international and Finnish students, we foster a rich, stimulating research atmosphere.  PhD students are recruited to the institute directly by group leaders as well as through our institute-level recruitment and training program, the FIMM-EMBL International PhD Training in Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics.  Regardless of the path to FIMM, PhD students apply for the right to pursue a PhD with a faculty at the University of Helsinki, join the Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth), and apply for salary funding from a University-sponsored doctoral program within DSHealth.  The majority of FIMM PhD students are registered at a faculty at the University of Helsinki.  Some FIMM PhD students and group leaders are also members of international training consortia such as Marie Curie Initial Training Networks.  

FIMM PhD students are guided by their research advisor, FIMM's Doctoral Training Committee (DTC) and a thesis committee approved by their doctoral program.  Scientific and transferrable skills training is readily available within FIMM, DSHealth and the doctoral programs.  Typically, seven to ten dissertations are completed and defended annually at the Institute.

The FIMM PhD Student and Postdoc Council supports the PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at FIMM.  This institute-level council serves as a voice for the student and postdoc community of FIMM.  Their activities include the FIMM Scientific Coffee Breaks, annual FIMM Poster Session, NMMN Young Investigators Collaboration working to enhance inter-node activities in the Nordic EMBL Partnership, peer mentoring in soft skills, and the FIMM THINK DIFFERENT Seminar Series


FIMM PhD students engage in courses, seminars, symposia, and meetings, including, e.g., joint annual meetings of the Nordic EMBL Partnership in early autumn each year.  In this symposium PhD students, postdoctoral research fellows, and group leaders from all four of the Nordic EMBL nodes come together to present and discuss their research, core infrastructure, and technologies at the four Nordic nodes.  Furthermore, the exchange of PhD students among MIMS, NCMM, DANDRITE, and FIMM for training events, research visits, and short-term stays is encouraged.  Funding for such international exchange currently exists through the Partnership.  We aim for these international exchanges to be a strong component of PhD training at FIMM.  In addition, PhD students from FIMM participate in the EMBL International PhD Symposium, an annual training session at the EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany), each autumn and are encouraged to attend EMBL/EMBO courses and events.

Download the FIMM research training brochure and learn more.

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