FIMMPOD Postdoctoral Professional Development Program

FIMMPOD is a professional development program for postdocs, senior researchers and coordinators within the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), which aims to enhance research experiences and career opportunities and offer support through an active network of peers. Specifically, the five components of the program are:

FIMMPOD is coordinated by Senior Researchers Milla Kibble and Gretchen Repasky. FIMMPOD works together with the FIMM Student and Postdoc Council and many training collaborations and networks. To learn more, download the FIMM research training brochure or recent poster presentation or visit the webpages for each of the program components (links below). Please also visit the upcoming FIMMPOD events page.

Last updated: 09.12.2016 - 10:00