The FIMMPOD 2nd Mentor Programme & Grant Application Exchange Programme

The FIMMPOD 2nd Mentor Programme offers scientific and career development help for postdocs and senior researchers. The purpose of the mentoring is for postdocs and senior researchers to get

  • additional scientific guidance and advice when needed, as well as new ideas for their work
  • support in developing an idea of what their strengths are, what they would like to do in the future and how to achieve the necessary skills and education that will enable them to get the career that they want
  • valuable contacts

Joining the 2nd Mentor Programme is voluntary and participants can choose their mentors freely. The 2nd Mentor Programme is strongly supported by FIMM group leaders. If needed, FIMMPOD coordinators can help in looking for mentors and contacting them. Please contact Markus when you are ready to appoint a 2nd Mentor.


FIMMPOD members listening to Jaakko Kaprio, Director of FIMM, talking about his experiences of mentoring and being mentored.

The goal of the FIMMPOD grant application exchange programme is to provide peer and PI feedback on proposals for funding and hence increase the success of gaining funding. Representatives from funding agencies have stressed repeatedly that one should never submit a proposal without a couple of other people reading it and giving critical feedback.  Many already engage in this practice, but now FIMMPOD have designed a procedure at the institute to facilitate the process.  When preparing your applications, please keep in mind the following times and take advantage of this programme!

When you are preparing a grant application, please do the following:

  • 4-6 weeks before the deadline - contact Markus to identify two internal (FIMM) reviewers (1 PI and 1 peer)
  • 2 weeks before the deadline - send your application draft to Markus and he will share it with the internal reviewers
  • 1 week before the deadline - reviewers send their comments back to Markus who will pass them on to you
Last updated: 28.08.2019 - 09:02