The mission of our Institute is to advance new fundamental understanding of the molecular, cellular and etiological basis of human diseases. We integrate molecular medicine research, Technology Centre and Biobank Infrastructure “under one roof” and thereby promote translational research and adoption of personalised medicine in health care. As part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, we follow the principles of EMBL partnerships. For us it means aiming to scientific excellence and establishing mechanisms for independent scientific review of the research activities; scientific integrity and good scientific practice; high level, regular international evaluations with consequences for tenure and funding as well as commitment to significant levels of staff turnover.

Bringing together the research resources from three different ministries, FIMM is in an ideal position to build a bridge between preclinical and clinical studies as well as between basic and applied sciences as well as industrial research and development. The bridge building is facilitated also by strong technological capabilities and the access to large patient samples, clinical and epidemiological data resources collected by the THL, HUS, and other institutions.

The disease areas of interest for our research groups cover cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurology, and viral infections. At FIMM we emphasize team science with several groups together attracting major challenges for society. We have three grand challenge programmes:

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